NEW   (Sept. 2013)  All the technical analysis courses are now available by e-mail.

The weekly classes can easily be spread over daily e-mails with questions & answers, annotated charts, tests, revisions and professional advice.

Says the mentor: “I am able not only to use e-mail for tuition exclusively, but also I can help my students financially during their time with me by sending them entries, exits and trade management guidelines tailored to their capital every evening from the very first week of our lessons so they could place trades right away.
Which teacher does that for his students?
Of course, this is optional.
Also, talking on Skype and cyber-appointments are now things of the past.
With e-mails, several problems of one-on-one classes are solved automatically and a lot of time is saved.
I wish somebody offered me a deal like this when I was learning.”

Apply for an interview and step-by-step instructions here.


Not planning a trip to the Caribbean anytime soon?  Not sailing to our shores in a hurry?
That’s fine.

(Dec. 2009) One-on-one web classes are now available.

Now you can take the securities trading courses from the comfort of your home and learn to become a profitable private trader without even getting up from your chair! ...

Student and tutor will be connected to each other through the Internet by web-cams, Skype and Remote PC for unclocked lessons on technical analysis of the financial markets.

Students: download the free Remote Access Host software here.  You won’t have to pay for using the app.

Whether the courses are attended to in person or remotely, the fine quality of tuition will remain uncompromised.

From answering your questions to walking you through every step in reading price charts, our instructional cyber meetings will set you on the right track from the start.


Course 1:  Invest for profit$

5 months

Course 2:  Kagi

3 weeks with 3 classes

Course 3:  Renko

3 weeks with 3 classes

Course 4:  Three-line Break

3 weeks with 3 classes

Course 5:  MetaStock

2 weeks with 4 classes

Same course descriptions and prices apply.

Upon graduation, serious students will be invited to join a team of traders to benefit from group power and additional trading capital together with other advantages will be made available to them.

Feel free to read the FAQs page and, when ready, get back to us by filling in the Application form.  You’ll be glad you did.



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