Tropical vacation & securities trading private tuition

No boss.  No age limit.  No customers.  No fixed hours.  Work from home.  Full-time or part-time.  No lack of opportunities.  World’s perfect portable business.  All the finer things in life ...  The market, the computer and you. is dedicated to teaching the art of cyber-trading the financial markets strictly from the technical analysis point of view, in person or remotely via webinars.

We live and swear by price charts and nothing else.  Whether the Bar, Line, Candlesticks, Point & Figure, Equivolume or the Japanese charts (Kagi, Renko, Three-line Break), they all convey enough information for the educated investor or trader to operate in the markets with ease.

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Technical analysis helps with deciphering the messages which the price charts emit and explains what the sum of the actions of all participants at any moment in time is so that you - the student - can become a member of this collective mind the market is in order to benefit from it.

Three steps lie ahead of every student:

  1. Start trading and leave the beginner level behind.
  2. Become financially independent.
  3. Grow to be a successful money manager!

Says the mentor: “Technical analysis - not fundamental analysis - offers the best details of past and present data.”
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     Our services

  • Technical analysis private courses for trading all securities types.
  • Customized courses (contact us).
  • Assistance with opening a trading account and related legalities.
  • MetaStock software tuition.
  • Mechanical trading system development, including programming with live data.
  • Independent testing of mechanical trading systems.


 A few words from the mentor:

“No matter how busy my schedule, I shall always make time to search for hidden talent and make myself available when one is found.
I can help people learn how to trade because I have the strength to motivate them and the will to put them back on track when a dead-end is chanced upon.

John Craciun - click to see the mentor's achievements

Cyber-trading is too noble a profession for novices to be left walking alone in the dark.
I consider myself privileged to work with persons who sincerely want to learn and I promise this: after getting to know me and finish my courses, you will continue studying on your own and undoubtedly with other tutors, but, years from now when looking back, you will say that I was the best teacher you ever had and that my lessons stayed with you forever.
Yes, I can heal hurt egos and show that it all can be done.
Yes, I can break down the last walls of vanity, ignorance, naivety and complacency surrounding you and give you more than what you paid for.
Come, let’s talk about the blessing and forgiveness needed to succeed.


For persons who played the markets but ended up being played by the markets and are out of the game now, here is a free piece of advice: next time, do the opposite of what you did when you messed up.
If that doesn’t work, contact me.
I repair damaged traders and restore them like new, and I also patch deflated trading accounts.”

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John Craciun


Upon graduation, serious students will be invited to join a team of traders to benefit from group power, trading capital which will be made available to them and other advantages.  Contact us for details.


  • Every human endeavor carries risk.  It pays to choose the profession with the fewest and smallest risks: cyber-trading.
  • For winners risk is a known and manageable factor which takes them to the top, for losers risk is an unbearable thought and a permanent deterrent keeping them down forever.
    Risk haters have a lot to learn from risk takers; risk takers have absolutely nothing to learn from risk haters.
  • Your education effort will be to minimize losses and maximize profits.  Poorly educated, you may at best produce too small a profit to justify investing in securities.
  • Deciding whether the risk of participating in the financial markets is smaller or greater that the risks of not participating rests solely with you.



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