Kagi is a 250+ years old Japanese charting and trading system.
It displays price moves by pairs of vertical lines in a consistent visual manner.  In today’s modern money markets dominated by complicated mathematics, complex theories and concepts that endlessly conflict one another, the trader often wonders which approach is best for him and when he finds one, he discovers that complexity is better left for the professionals to handle.

Kagi is a unitary system, simple to understand and use.  Besides that it is a time tested method of speculating.  To see a Kagi chart click here.

Traders stand to gain from learning something as straightforward as this ancient trading masterwork.

No doubt about it, getting involved in the financial markets is the way of the future!


To get the most of this course, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Know his computer well.
  • Have a reliable computer outfitted with rewritable CD-ROM or thumb drive and power battery back up.
  • Have his technical analysis software (or buy MetaStock).
  • Have a good Internet connection.
  • Have a fax machine or access to one, a printing calculator and office supplies.
  • Be willing to commit to daily study.
  • Have a minimal capital when ready to invest.

Course outline

The course is held individually or in small groups only on evenings and/or weekends, with one teacher.

  • Original textbook (The Reversal Charts) describing chart construction, interpretation, trading rules, what to look for and what to avoid.
  • How to set up the Renko chart for everyday practical use.
  • Time frame: intra-day trading, swing trading, investing.
  • One copy of the Trading System Testing Software (TSTS), a proprietary software program belonging to the mentor, for testing the profitability of trading systems.

Upon successful completion

  • The student will have an understanding of what it takes to cyber-trade by using Kagi.
  • He/she will be able to apply basic theories suitable for intra-day trading (the so called “day trading” phenomenon), occasional trading (the so called “swing trading”, that is making 2-3 trades a week) or investing (longer term approach).
  • He/she will know how to choose a broker, open an account and all related legalities.
  • No diploma will be issued.  The course is self-employment or private group trading.  The student will receive a Letter of Recommendation.

    Remember: time spent on looking for a job is better spent on starting your own business!

Lessons & price

This course takes one week with two intensive lessons on evenings in a small group of students.  The package consists of:

  • Two 2-hour+ sessions of personal tutoring for hands-on accelerated learning.



Feel free to read the FAQs page and, when ready, get back to us by filling in the Application form.  You’ll be glad you did.



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