World’s peerless fair signal generator, trade management and portfolio sharing
service that not only shoots for steady returns but also allows for loss recovery.

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“Opportunities are for everybody, profits are not.” JC - profit sharing application form

This service is the energizer market players need in order to spice up their score.

Welcome to
The Mentored Profit Sharing plan.

 Here is the deal:.

  1. Every evening, I shall send you a file containing dozens of USA stocks and ETFs with precise entries, trade management and exits for bullish and bearish positions that last 1-30 days.
    (See sample in Adobe .pdf format).
  2. You select any stock(s) you wish, place orders and enter trades charged at discounted commission rates unavailable to regular retail investors.*
  3. No monitoring during the day.
  4. Net profits are split at month-end and you pay me, meaning that you have full control over your capital at all times.
  5. Reduced profit split ratios after drawdowns.
  6. Free service during account recovery.


  • Minimum US$10,000 risk capital.**
  • Trading account with your broker or mine.***
  • Award-winning portfolio, charting and free data download software for under US$100. ***
    *       If you use my broker.
    **     For accounts greater than US$250,000 contact us.
    ***   Details upon request.


2-week trial: US$1,000 (onetime fee).      Click to BUY with PayPal


The profit sharing plan is aimed at:

  • Learners and moonlight, struggling or returning investors who need to generate cash while they pick themselves up.
  • Established traders and investors who wish to add an independent opinion from theirs to their activity and to improve their bottom-line by diversifying into swing trading, even if they are swing traders themselves.

Non-investing persons outside these categories will be unable to benefit from the service.

 The Mentor’s goal.

  • To work with active traders and investors where quality goes in front of quantity.

Apply here to get full details and a copy of the Service Agreement.

 Says the mentor:.

“For years I flip through 100-150 charts every evening getting more buy/sell alerts than I can trade.
Should I reduce the number of stocks I monitor?  Certainly not, because it would narrow down my horizon.
In July 2009 I found myself wondering why leave so many unattended signals go to waste when persons who could put my information to better use exist.
There you have it:
The Mentored Profit Sharing Plan - the improved trading signals service and an old business model only now complete.”