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The Winnerís Way e-newsletter

This purely technical analysis  e-newsletter contains information for:

  1. Day-trading:
    The Start-or-Stop Indicator
    Read about this unique charting tool here.
    See e-newsletter sample here.
  2. Swing & long-term trading:
    Market internal strengths measured with different parameters such as OHLC - not available elsewhere! - are now quantified regularly and made public.

Delivered daily in Adobe .pdf format, the newsletter also includes weekend and month-end reports for continuous statistics update and market sentiment accurate assessment.

Gaps, Overlap, Candlesticks, stocks in Bullish, Bearish and Congestion mode statistics are just a few patterns appearing in the weekly and monthly reports which could get up to 200+ pages.

All futures and stocks in S&P100, S&P400, S&P500 and S&P600 are examined in detail.


US$199, the latest copy


US$1,095 / 6 months


US$2,189 / 12 months


: statistics on stocks from national indexes on Exchanges in western Europe, some African and all the Americas are available upon request.

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